Winchester wedding | Shelby and Zac

Oh these two amazing people and their amazing families-so much love and happiness surrounded them on their wedding day. Zac with his lovely parents and adoring sisters-four of them!  Shelby, who I don't think I ever saw with out her mum and sister in tow, through meetings, the engagement close and I loved getting to know them too.  It was nice to finally meet Shelby's dad on their wedding day. I seriously love all these people and boy do they ever know how to throw a fantastic country wedding! 

Shelby and Zac were married at their home/farm in Winchester.  Shelby is a resident studying to become a doctor and Zac is a Shepherd. Yes, a modern day Shepherd.... of sheep. They are truly a lovely couple that very much complement each other.  At the end of the very hot day and night (it was sweltering) April leans over to me (my associate photographer) and whispers "they are going to have an amazing life". 

Last thing I want to mention is they met in grade 1 at St. Mary's in Chesterville. So that just makes their love story even lovelier. 

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Sister Love ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Sister Love ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

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Wedding Dress: Essence of Australia from Bridals By Almor

Grooms Suit and Groomsmen attire: Calvin Klein from Stars Mens Shops

Rings: Annabel's Jewelry Winchester, Maison Birks and Peoples

Flowers and decor: The Planted Arrow

Make up: Charlotte Harris, Hair: Kayla Drew

Tent: Rebel Tents

Catering: Winchelsea

Live Band: Sway Band Ottawa

Invites: Winchester Print Signs: Jessica Casselman


The Marshes Wedding Katie and Brent

They met through friends over 10 years ago while in University and College in Ottawa.  It was five years though before things really got serious-Katie teases that Brent (the patient type) had to work pretty hard to convince Katie they should be together.

How he proposed: The week of the proposal, I was completely preoccupied planning a big 30th birthday party for Brent to be held on the Saturday that I didn't realize he was doing some planning of his own. I got home from work Friday afternoon, and he told me he had a surprise for me to thank me for all of the work on the party. It was a new patio set, which I had been asking for for quite some time and I was thrilled! When Brent went inside to get us a drink, I noticed his trail cam was set up on the railing of the deck. I yelled at him through the window asking what it was doing there, and he told me it was for the party. I was skeptical,

...and when he came back out and couldn't open his beer

(which never happens),

I knew something was up....

He hit a knee, asked the question, I said 'obviously', and the rest is history!


Venue The Marshes 

Wedding Dress from  Shoes Badgley Mischka Jewellery Laura Jane

Suits from Jimmy The Suit

Flower and decor Acanthus Floral and Botanical

Hair by Showpony

Makeup: Sommer Mbonu

Cakes and treats by Thimblecakes

Invitations & Stationary: Ink Blossom