Sarah and Steve | NeXT and Almonte

 I loved these two the moment I met them.  A friend of mine, also a photographer, asked me to take over Sarah and Steve's wedding day coverage for her as she was having some health issues and wouldn't be able to make it to the wedding.  I didn't have a wedding booked on their day, so yes, of course I would do it.  I chatted with the very worried bride-to-be, Sarah, over the phone and calmed her fears of not having a photographer to cover their big day. "This is what I do and I love doing it, everything is going to be fine"...and it was!   In fact it was more than, fine it was awesome!

Sarah has a lovely little niece, Norah, who stole a little piece of my heart and stepped into the limelight here and there with her Aunt, who willingly shared it with her.  

Sarah and Steve met through mutual friends while playing softball and were friends for a few years before dating. Steve proposed to Sarah last Christmas Eve and had a delicious Christmas Brunch the next morning at NeXT in Stittsville. While on the hunt to find the perfect venue for their May wedding they continued to be drawn back to NeXT and reliving just how great their brunch had been and decided it was the perfect venue for their wedding....

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