The Engagement Session-How to get THE BEST wedding day photos

It really has nothing to do with being engaged. Promise.

1. First, the most important investment you can make for your wedding is the photography.  That is the only thing that increases in value after your wedding day. You are going to love your wedding album and images and everything captured in them so, so much.

2. The best way to prepare for having those images taken on your wedding day is to do an engagement session. Having and engagement session makes such a big difference on your wedding day and with the resulting photos. Portfolio


This is our 'study period' before the big exam.  Yes I am going to learn lots about you, not just through the camera as subjects, but as a couple which I really love. Very importantly you get to see and learn what you liked about your interaction together in the resulting gallery of images. Certain ways you stood or walked or looked at each other will resonate as you look through your gallery.

The tips and tricks I teach you in that short session is PRICELESS knowledge that you will draw from on your wedding day. The results: a more relaxed and happy wedding day and yes, some killer images! Wedding Portfolio

Win-win. Amazing and timeless images to share for a lifetime and longer with your family and friends.

All wedding clients have an engagement session with me, Phillipa. I want to know your story and photograph the one that unfolds on your wedding day. I can't wait to do that.

Included is a gallery of gorgeous images to populate your wedding website with, or to use for save-the-dates or on your wedding day. Oh and I have wedding websites included in all my collections...just ask and you can get your very own to share with your guests!

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