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I am back, yes it has been a jam packed summer…time for some real wedding loveliness! This blog is of a wedding from this past May. The forecast was looking pretty bleak leading up to Sophia and Phillip’s wedding. No less than torrential downpours were predicted all day.  Sighhhh. So with back up plans in place and umbrellas packed we headed out. However, every single time we had photos scheduled for outside photos, the rain stopped and held off. Sighhhh <- that one was of relief!

It was incredibly lucky, we didn’t have to execute one single back up location, with relief we got to truly enjoy the day with these two, their lovely family and friends.

Sophia and Phillip met in high school, but didn't start dating until after their first college programs. The couple dated for over 6 years before deciding it was time to tie the knot!  On November 8, 2018, Phillip proposed to Sophia during a formal night on a Caribbean cruise which was all captured on video. The couple announced the engagement to Sophia’s parents on November 12, which happened to mark their 30th wedding anniversary! 

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