Tamara and Jeff | Mill St. Pub and Down Town Ottawa

The day itself was one of THE BEST days of my life. Everyone tells you your wedding day will fly by, but at the end of it I actually said "it's all over?!" I didn't want the day to end! I felt on cloud 9 from start to finish. From spending the morning with my favourite ladies in the whole world, to turning the corner of the aisle with my dad at my side to see the look on Jeff's face, to reading and hearing our personal vows, to traipsing around downtown with our wedding party for photos to dancing the night away-every moment was amazing. I never felt an ounce of stress. Our main goal was to have our favourite people all together in one room for the biggest party we are likely to throw, and in my eyes, it was a success. One of my favourite parts of the day was sharing a beverage with our bridesmaids and groomsmen on the patio of the Heart and Crown. We shared lots of laughs and silly moments and I saw exactly why we surround ourselves with such good people. 

We didn't know exactly what we were looking for, but when we visited Millstreet Brew Pub, we felt it was perfect for us. We are non-traditional and the building has so much character and beauty that I could immediately envision us celebrating our wedding day there. As for Jeff-they sell craft beer! That was an added perk in his eyes. We loved that we could have both our ceremony and reception in one place, and the atmosphere was extremely laid back and casual, a lot like us. 

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Not only did
I love her,
but I could tell
the universe loved
her, too.
More than others.
She was different.
After all; I would
be a fool not to
notice the way the
sunshine played with
her hair.
— Christopher Poindexter

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Mill St Pub

Suits-Morris Formal wear

Dress & veil-With Love Bridal Boutique

Bracelet & earrings-Swarovski

Necklace-Custom made with family jewels by Goldform Jewellers

Rings-custom made at Davidson's Jewellers

Shoes-Michael Kors

Flowers-Ottawa Flowers

Backdrop & linens-Sage Designs

Cake/cupcakes-Kiki's Creations