About Me

Greetings, I'm Phillipa, and I'm thrilled you've stopped by! After dedicating 15 wonderful years to capturing the beauty of weddings, I've recently transitioned my focus to the heartwarming world of family photography. The journey of documenting love and celebration in the form of weddings was an incredible experience, and now i love being part of preserving the ever-evolving dynamics of families as they journey through life, year after year.

During my time in the wedding industry, I considered myself incredibly fortunate to be part of documenting such joyous and romantic moments in people's lives. I had the opportunity to travel to different destinations for weddings and even had a studio where I had the pleasure of meeting my lovely clients. Additionally, I had the privilege of planning and capturing wedding editorials featured in magazines. It was an enriching chapter in my life.

Today, I've chosen to limit my photography sessions to the Russell area, allowing me to spend more quality time with my own family. It's a new chapter for me, filled with the same passion and dedication to creating beautiful family memories. I genuinely love photographing families, and I'm excited to share this journey with you.